Saturday, August 3, 2013

Maui Brewing Company
Maui CoCoNut PorTer
Lahania, Hawaii
06/22/2013, on tap at Frisco Tap House, 6.0 abv


Smell is a combination of burnt coffee, chocolate and vanilla.


Very dark drown with mahogany highlights and a small, beige head.


I got lots of pleasant flavors, like coffee, chocolate, burnt toast & vanilla. It was very smooth and had a slippery mouthfeel. All good, but no coconut.


This is a very good porter. If I could have detected ANY toasted coconut, I would have given it 4 mugs. Perhaps it was the restaurant setting, perhaps it wasn't as fresh as it should be, but if you call it CoCoNut Porter, it should taste like coconut.
Or perhaps I was just hoping it would taste like one of these from my youth:

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